Each idea that surpasses our expectations creates thousands of ideas which only add complexity to our life. We tend to think that this is inevitable. But it’s not true. Our purpose is simple. Instead of offering a range of similar products, we want to offer different options which can truly mark a difference in your life.

We believe that it´s important to do things right and that every day is unique. Because the competition and struggle to become the chosen brand is fiercer than ever in today´s market. This is why we combine youth with the sector´s wisdom and self-identity, consisting of creativity, diversity and surprise. With a warm and simple view. Using imagination, one of the main Mediterranean qualities, to confront what is conventional, established, and routine and to find better ways of doing things, as well as to offer the best fish and fresh seafood of the sea.

Quality and safety are essential
Quality and safety are essential
In Oisi we make an effort day after day to offer excellent fresh, safe and healthy fish and seafood which provide an exquisite sea taste and a unique experience for our clients.

Quality, nothing more and nothing less… the dictionary describes “quality” as “character with respect to how excellent or good something is”. It is trusting in things well done, a job well done doesn´t have limits. Be convinced. Know that, in hands of professionals, everything will go without a problem. Avoid the undesirable, or be certain that inevitably everything will work out perfectly.

On second thought, maybe that has nothing to do with it, and it´s just something like sleeping well at night!

Customer orientation
In Oisi we want to work with you, placing at your disposal a great team with a broad view of the market, to make your life easier.

We are a company full of passion, strength and vitality, with local values and global horizons. A group of people willing to satisfy particular tastes and professional requirements, with the personal commitment to fulfill orders, wishes, and expectations.

An organization that gets involved and is interested in understanding clients´ needs and how to solve their problems, as well as making further efforts to exceed expectations and improve the quality of life, taking into account, among other aspects, the variables of respect, kindness, quality, opportunity and excellence.


Our goal is quality excellence in our products and services.

Our high quality standards at all levels. From the product: fresh, healthy, tasty and varied; through the implementation of the highest food safety standards, to the investments which improve logistics processes, our effort to reach a customer profile is reflected. Our customers have an international and open minded palate, they know no boundaries or age limits and they search for the optimal balance between quality and price, something which is very important for Spanish consumers and food industry and HORECA clients.
From the very beginning, we have been loyal to a clear idea, a main objective: to be a universal, global company, without horizons. And each step has been taken to reach that challenge.