Anillas de Calamar

The European squid, also called cuttlefish, is a marine mollusc with head and tentacles. It has an ink sac that can be used for cooking. The smallest ones, that is, the youngest ones, are called baby squid. On the inside they have a shell type structure called pen, of a corneal nature, which provides the animal with consistency and intervenes in its movement. When alive, its body is almost transparent and it may have different tones – often pinkish – with brownish spots on the back, and with smooth sides and ventral area. It measures 15 to 25 centimetres long on average, although it can measure up to 30 or 40 centimetres. This species is generally found in shallow waters, although it can also inhabit greater depths. It migrates close to the coasts. The common squid is found in the Atlantic, from the Norwegian coasts to the Canary Islands, and on the western coast of the Mediterranean. It is captured throughout the entire year.


Stuffed European squid