Receta de arroz blanco con gambas

A very tasty first course without complications, to eat well.


  1. We start to prepare the white rice with prawns by boiling the rice in salted water for about 20 minutes or until the rice is tender. Then, we drain it.
  2. Whilst the rice finishes cooking, we put the garlic in a mortar with a bit of chopped parsley, a drop of oil and salt. We crush it until we have a paste. Then, we oil a frying pan, put it on the heat, and when it is warm, we add the prawns and sauté them. When they start to change colour, we add the content to the mortar, stir for a few seconds and remove the frying pan from the heat./li>
  3. The last step of this recipe of white rice with prawns will be to mix the rice with the prawns and then this delicious dish will be ready to serve./li>