Customers operate if you are buying a good mood

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Young couple shopping at supermarket

Fractalia, global company leader in the development and implementation of technological and creative engineering solutions, makes available to the retail sector its “REMData” solution to measure consumer behavior at the point of sale and predict their behavior.

At present, understand the reasons why customers opt for certain action is fundamental to the world of distribution. Thus reflect the survey data on retail trends, which stress that 75% of buying decisions occur at the point of sale and that 67% of consumers prefer to shop in physical shop online.

The measurement of consumer behavior the retail sector generates value and improves your shopping experience of the first, and therefore increase their loyalty. So this is successful, it is essential for business, since according to the data cited, 75% of customers make more purchases if they are in a good mood during your stay in the trade. Similarly, 8 out of 10 customers are more likely to purchase from a store that offers a personalized experience.

Analysis tools such as Traffic, which are comprehensive studies through sensors provide insight into customer traffic in specific areas of the local, global planning peaks capacity or certain areas, and help gauge spaces. In the same vein, the Heat Map tool identifies and analyzes the areas of occupancy and traffic density within a particular space, knowing in real time the busiest areas and preventing the typical crowds of these centers.

Other innovative solutions in the field are the Audience Measurement Systems, which allow people’s attention on a particular point; the “Tracking” Fingerprint, that in the event that a customer has opened its device, reports the parameters associated with this digital-to thereby obtain user reports, or the popular “Beacons” system, which sends specific information smartphones and personal customers when they are in the area of ​​influence of the system, which allows to establish with these personalized communication.

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