Clear, simple and clean labels favor the purchase.

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According to the study conducted by “Consumolab” Ainia (Institute dedicated to research, technological development, production quality and competitiveness) 90% of consumers read food labels at the time of purchase. 65% claim to always read and 25% depending on the product (first purchased, new product, by type of food -lácteo, child, meat, prepared product …). Meanwhile, consumers with a conditioned power by some factor (disease, allergies, diet, …) read labels in 100% of cases. They are some of the results in this study specializing in consumer behavior, in order to identify how changes are perceived in food labeling.

It also stresses that the information that consumers look us is the expiration date or preferred consumption, ingredients and nutritional information. And at the least, when we read the labels is the country of origin, manufacturer or allergens. However, this changes in the profile of consumers who say their power is conditioned by some factor. In this case, 14% of respondents allergens rank fourth in priority reading and information.

According to 20% of respondents, fresh fish and seafood are the most difficult are we to understand. It is noteworthy that 60% affirm asked “can not read well” information. 59% believe that “the letter is very small,” the 19% that “the letters are close together”, whereas 15% is not the color of the letter highlighted.

Regarding the recognition of the power logos appearing on the label, 94% recognize the logo “gluten free” and 87% recognize that of “food allergens”. But 24% do not know how to recognize the logos of “Green Dot” and “Green Product”.

The label information affects the action of purchase and the expectations placed on the product by the consumer. Therefore, in Oisi is committed to “making the consumer in the title.” Companies should ask their own consumers if they understand the information contained in the labels of their products. To conclude by noting that clear, simple and clean labels tend to favor the purchase.

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