The common cuttlefish is a cephalopod that measures 20 cm long, living in the coastal depths where there are a lot of algae. Its body is oval-shaped, greyish-beige in colour, with mauve tinges. It is slightly flat and its head has 10 irregular tentacles, 2 of which stand out due to their length. The body is almost completely surrounded by fins and on the inside it has a hard part or a calcareous type shell, shaped like a keel. Like the other cephalopods it has an ink sac. It can be found in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, especially close to the Canary Islands.
Other edible species can be purchased, pink cuttlefish (Sepia orbignyana), which is smaller in size than the common one; elegant cuttlefish (Sepia elegans), brownish or chestnut in colour; stout bobtail (Rossia macrossoma), pinkish in colour with a blue back; dwarf bobtail (Sepiola rondeleti), originating from the Mediterranean and Atlantic bobtail (Sepiola atlántica), originating from the Atlantic, especially the English Channel.



Tempered cuttlefish salad